What does KBBConnect cost?

What do I need to run KBBConnect?

Do I need to install software for KBBConnect?

Will KBBConnect work on Apple Mac computers?

I have forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it? 

Can I import a CAD file into KBBConnect?

I want to add some additional users to my KBBConnect account is this possible? 

I want to create a quotation for a few items without calling it a Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom quotation, can this be done? 

I want to add an item to my quote which isn’t in any of my pricelists 

Why are some suppliers not approving my pricelist requests?

How do I get trained on KBBConnect?

Can my colleagues use KBBConnect and share data with me?

If my computer crashes, will I lose all my data?

Will my competitors be able to ‘hack’ my account?

How can I check to see what my overall margins are on my quotation? 

I want to quote a job in two different ranges.  Can this be done without having to overwrite my first quotation?

It seems that my discounts and margins are not correct – how do I check this?

I want to recommend a new feature on KBBConnect, how can I do this?

I am having trouble with something in the system. What can I do?